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Hi there,

After deep diving into token curated registries (and their derivatives), token bonding curves and mixing all this with numerous discussions with entrepreneurs as well as my own experience as an entrepreneur (for-profit, non-profit & political party), I came up with the concept of Continuous Organisations.

To try and hopefully prove the superiority of COs over traditional organisations, I started Decusis, the 1st Continuous Organisation. On top of actively contributing to developing the tools needed to run a CO, Decusis provides consulting, technical support & training on Continuous Organisations and Token Curated Registries.

I am also the co-founder of LaPrimaire.org, a 100% open & transparent political party without agenda nor candidates whose mission is to crowdsource the best candidate(s) for any given election. We successfully ran it for the 1st time in 2017 for the french presidential election… I actually wish Continuous Organizations existed when we started LaPrimaire! Finally, I am also at the board of MieuxVoter.fr, a non-profit created to promote the majority judgement, which is the most advanced voting system imho.

A few links about me:

And, as much as like to the S in organisation, I feel we’ll have to give up to the more american version :slight_smile:


Hi there!

After having discovered crypto when I was a student in the Bay Area, I became really passionate by the topic, attended many conferences with fascinating projects, and contacted Thibauld when he started Decusis. He introduced me to concepts such as TCR, bonding curves,…- the foundations of continuous organisations.

I got really excited by the potential of CO, and I’m eager to see its reinvention of the economy!
Right now, I am still at university but want to contribute to the development of continuous organisations.

As for the debate between organisation and organization, I always wonder what I should do, after having lived in both the UK and US… :face_with_monocle: :wink:


Hi guys ,

I am Joris Delanoue. Just met with Thibauld last week after 3 years of “we should meet” ! finally done & well done.
From idea generation through exit, I have experience building & scaling companies, both as an executive & an investor, with all the highs & hurdles along the way. I used to manage cash & financial data, to deal with due diligence & legal.
I have always invested in people. I have sourced, trained & managed hundreds of engineers, PO, PM, HR & experts, designed recruiting, staffing & onboarding platforms. From business plan to wireframe, I’m passionate about bringing technology to unexplored corners & I understand the life of a startup founder. I’m always learning, naturally curious & fascinated by new technologies & its used cases.
Also have actively explored several startup ideas in a few spaces. Some ideas I have explored :

  • A contest app for millenials
  • A crypto-platform for a sport app (soccer, with BenchR app)
  • A new way to free early stage investment & make it liquidate
  • how to transform real estate ownership throw smart contracts…

I have also established a team of growth hackers that consults for startups & bigger firms.

I am very interested in CO & read all thoses topics to start pitching & get feebacks !

Cheers ^^

My angel list : ADD ME
Add me on LinkedIn as well

NB : comme choisir est un renoncement, COz :smile:


Hi there!

Super happy to mingle with CO’s nascent community :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on decentralized governance and organizations for a few years. I fell down the crypto rabbit hole while working with the Backfeed project, an early version of DAOstack.

I’m working now on Tribute, whose goal is to enables organizations to issue contributive tokens and set up smart incentives in order to attract and reward independent workers, partners, and users, in a sustainable and equitable manner. We use a reserve fund to provide liquidity to contributive tokens, but the logic is different from the DAT. However the goals are very similar, and I’m excited about the prospect of seeing some convergence or cooperation. I never thought about using bonding curves for what we do, now I’m starting to see the light :slight_smile:


linkedin - twitter - tribute


Hi there!

I am Alan Walter. As a lawyer, I have been involved in tech matters for the last 15 years and am glad to be a part of this project.

We are at the moment looking into applicable legislations in order to find the right place on earth to fire this up!

Talk to you soon.


Hi !
Jean-Malo here, just graduating from an engineering school in France.
Building a cryptobank for companies.
Find out about this on Twitter, definitely interested in the matter. I would love to see how this could integrate in Teal organisations.


Hello… My name is Terry Peterson. I am the founder and managing member of the SoHo Social Shares Syndicate (SSS.Social).

SoHo (SSS) is a start-up social network syndicate utilizing SOHO ERC20 security tokens (STs) to confer syndicate member equity ownership to our network users. SOHO STs are “socially mined” by SSS members who participate in SSS network activities. We originated the concept of social token mining so not to violate SEC securities regulations affecting non-accredited investors, and FinCEN money transmitter regulations.

The SSS syndicate conducts business on behalf of its members, where incoming revenue generated from network ad sales will go directly to SOHO token holders in a 1:1 exchange of USD and tokens. SSS is now operational but we’ll be adding and upgrading network activities as SSS membership grows.

I believe your CO outline is very similar to SoHo’s syndicate business model. Basically, our members socially mine SOHO tokens for their personal network accounts. Mined SoHo tokens accrue to each member’s network wallet. When a member wishes to exchange their mined SOHO tokens for USD with an advertiser, they can automatically transfer tokens from their network wallet to a personal ETH wallet for off-network transactions.

During our initial startup SoHo charges no fees to mine SOHO tokens We also offer bonus tokens as rewards for members who bring new members to the network. When syndicate membership reaches a target goal a “Permit Mining” (PM) subscription model will be introduced to generate network operational revenue.

Like your sell model, our members may effectively sell their mined tokens back to the network through a third party exchange with advertisers who are required to pay for ad spots with mined SOHO tokens. We too offer a buy-back option as buyer of last resort. Initial value of SOHO tokens is set at $1 each which becomes the token floor value based on the established 1:1 exchange rate with USD advertising fees. An ad buy of $1000 equates to 1000 SOHO tokens but that ratio will change over time as SOHO market value rises.

We differ from you in that we do not plan to burn tokens received from advertisers. 100% of SOHO tokens received from advertisers will be added to a token pool reserve for bonus token (dividend) payments to our syndicate members. Looking forward to reading your material and following your channel discussions. Thanks…


Hello! My name is Alexander Tsankov. I’m a smart contractor, and currently working on the P3C.io - Planetary Prosperity Project.

We’re currently one of the largest dApps on Ethereum Classic and have over 2900 ETC commited to our continuous organization.

The idea behind P3C is to create a social safety net for gig economy workers, by airdropping tokens during jobs that will earn diviends based on future growth of the continuous organization.

We’re growing as a community, but still have far to go.

I’m based in New York City.

Interests: Legal Questions, Smart Contracting, Continuous-organization economics.



My name is Rei Melbardis, I spend my time working on a project called Nexus Mutual, creating an alternative to insurance.

I heard about what you guys are doing from the Token Economy and Week in Ethereum newsletters.

We’ve been building for about 2 years on the basis of many concepts similar to COs - a continuous token model based on burning and minting depending on actions taken by the members, as well as creating a link to a real world organisation.

We’re incorporated in the UK as a discretionary mutual - a membership organisation based on spreading risk amongst the members. We have received approval from the FCA - a branch of the Bank of England - to use the protected ‘mutual’ name in the title of our company. Would love to talk to you guys about the legal work we’ve done.

We got into the space originally by realising that smart contracts are a way to bring back scalability to the original models of insurance - a community spreading risk amongst themselves, rather than the existing adversarial relationship between policyholder and large institution. In particular, there is potential to solve many problems around scaling of trust and capital raising.

An actuary by training (and previous profession), I work on almost all aspects of Nexus Mutual other than the Solidity code: finance planning and token economics (currently getting involved in some stochastic modelling work using MATLAB), docs pages, helping out with the product side of UI/UX, partnerships, conferences, even some basic marketing.

And, “Organisations” (based in England, so this is clearly the correct spelling ^_^). However, will not begrudge you guys if you choose to go with the American version in the end.


Hi - Augustas Staras alerted me to COs; what a clever and badly-needed project!

I’m in the blockchain marketing communications content consulting space. White papers. Entrepreneurial delusions. Free beer.


Hey, my name’s Ben Stanley. I’m a Paris-based entrepreneur with my own very early start-up which is a smart-contract platform to make escrow and collateral management more accessible to smaller organisations and invidividuals: Radial Manner.

I just attended Thibauld’s talk a couple of hours ago; I’m in search of a means to further finance my project and this seems a far more stable middle-ground between straight VC and ICO or even STO. I’m very excited by what seems possible.


Hi Continuous Organization Enthusiasts!

I’m Laura Houssain.
I’m a marketing strategist, coach, trainer and serious game design padawan specializing in helping French SMB accelerate growth. I’m currently building a network of experts so I can build a 360° offer which could include raising capital via this continuous model.
Looking forward to watching the future developments of this project.

Connect with me on Linkedin


Hi, Alexandre here.

Very interested to follow the project as I have some interest in new type of organisations, especially on how to better involve employees and outside contributors.
Note that I’ve been gratefully involved in some of @philh projects on the matter in the past.

As I’m involved in the software side of legal techs since a while now (2013), I love to study the interface between code and law. Thus, I’m very interested by the regulatory questions as well in this project, like how to make the tax system comply with this (in the target vision), but also how to enable new decentralized org running without registering a company or opening a bank account.
I’ve also been working recently on a prototype for a decentralized company register.

my github


hey , Anson from Hong Kong,

really love the bonding curve & CO concept!! :grin:

Hi all,

First of all, a big thanks to Thibauld and crew for open-sourcing their revolutionary thinking!

My name is Kev(in) and I am tax lawyer based out of the Swiss Crypto Valley. I am highly interested in DLT/blockchain, governance and ecosystem development (that’s how I came across the CO concept)

If there is anyone eager to bring the CO-concept to the Crypto Valley, hit me up!

I am looking forward to contributing to this community.


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Hello Continuous Organisations,

Looks like great project. I’m here representing the Audacity Project to see how we can connect and possibly integrate with Fairmint and other projects.

We are a DAO running our own stack with an open and collaborative philosophy. We’re interested in collaborating with the ecosystem and integrating existing solutions where possible.

Learn more here: https://www.audacity.id/

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Hello everyone, my name is Alexander and I can’t believe I just discovered the Continuous Organization community and project today. I’ve been obsessed by the concept of bonding curves ever since I first heard about it. I loved reading your whitepaper and the concept of Continuous Organization.
I am currently working with https://www.swarm.fund and we have been developing MAP (https://marketaccessprotocol.docs.apiary.io), a protocol for security token transfer restriction compliance. I would love to talk to anyone interested in implementing MAP to a Continuous Organisation DAT contract.
Keep up the great work!

Hey there!
I’m happy to join this forum and to thanks Thibauld for this excellent project!
I first heard about CO a few weeks ago, while discussing with a partner who attended Thibauld’s conference at ETHCC2 in Paris.
I’m developing a Collaborative Software Company in Paris, France, and I have been digging into DAO concepts for a few months.
I am looking for existing solutions to run and engage a community of freelancers to serve startup businesses with an agile and low cost organisation. Since we know what it is to be willing to change the world with low reserve of cash, our mojo is to liberate startups value at the best possible cost and assist entrepreneurs to raise funds.
You can find us on our websitewww.it-unchained.com
Looking forward to hear from any of you soon!
All the best,