P3C - A 3 Contract Architecture, usable for any Continuous Organization


P3C.io is a continuous organization that aims to provide a social safety net for gig economy workers. The core of the project is the token that distributes divs to token holders, but smart contracts that interact with it can also create potent economic drivers. P3C uses Ethereum Classic.

  1. P3C - The Economic Engine: This is a fork of the famous, proof of weak hands AKA P3D AKA Powh3D contract, with any sort of governance (modifiable configuration and admins) removed. This contract is 100% set in stone.

We chose this contract because it was proven to work without hacking, and can handle dividend distribution at the high scale that we’re looking to achieve. If you’re unfamiliar with the P3D contract, please watch this video walk-through. We consider this the first real Continuous Organization. Read the core P3C contract code.

  1. Rainmaker - The Volatility Eater: The Rainmaker is a smart contract that can only hold P3C tokens, and reinvest. This allows us to set a trustless absolute lower bound on the value of the P3C token, because the rainmaker will accrue dividends and only buy more. Think of it as hodler of last resort. Read the RainMaker contract code

  2. Divies - The divies contract takes in ETC and distributes it proportionally to P3C holders. It does not buy any tokens, just distributes its balance of ETC as divs. Currently we have a small ad service that people can buy to sponsor our wallet, and we take any profits made by that and distribute it all back to P3C holders. Read the Divies contract code

Hope this architecture can be of help to other Continuous Organization enthusiasts. Our dapp is currently live on Ethereum Classic mainnet - I can send you some ETC or P3C if you have trouble acquiring it. The wallet is also open-source, so you can either contribute or fork it. Word of caution, you can’t use metamask with it, you need a seperate ETC extension, Saturn, to interact.


Very very cool! Thanks again for reaching out @Tsankov, I will definitely try p3c. I finally have a good reason to buy some ETC :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s catch-up soon!