First Continuous Organization on Mainnet


Hey all!

We are Convergent and we are building a platform where anyone can easily launch continuous organizations in all variations and for any kind of service they might want to offer.

We built a first proof of concept and it’s now live on mainnet! To circumvent legal issues, our bonding curve does not give you a share of our cashflow, but rather it can be redeemed for an advertisement on our website at any point in the future :slight_smile:

Check it out here: (with Metamask on Mainnet!) and read more here: . For a more general project description find a one-pager and video demo at

Thanks for your attention!
Achill Rudolph & Logan Saether


Very cool.
Maybe you could find another way to display the ad, so that the pic is fully displayed?


thats part of the game: we only cover the surface under the curve that is currently filled up.

so right now the ad is super small and basically only reaches geeks who go into the developer console and look it up from the source code

but once more people buy token, the surface gets bigger and eventually it will be the whole area under the curve like in the visual attached above :slight_smile:


Yeah I got that, but it’s basically trading [NERD] humor for efficiency… I thought you really wanted to test the business impact you might have with this advertising experiment :wink:

You could have some roll over to show the curve, or the whole pic if you really want to have the curve first and foremost. Just my 2 cents, keep up the great work :wink:


on a similar note, the ability to link the ad to a URL would make it much attractive :slight_smile:


thats a very good point… we will add this!!


regarding the other suggestion: the current mechanism adds an incentive to buy token, because that makes the surface bigger and so the whole thing is a bit mind boggling. we kinda like that. but thanks for the feedback! really appreciate it and will think it over.


Very nice! I tend to agree with @philh, I would make the ad (a) linkable to a url (b) more visible :slight_smile: If an ad cost 1CBT no matter what, then the incentive is already there to buy as soon as possible no? What about having a billboard above the curve to display the ads purchased for example?


very helpful ideas, thank you! we wanted to add an even more direct, immediate and gamified incentive to buy token … when we tested this, we realized that after putting an ad you get that bugging urge to make more of it visible :slight_smile:


Hi @achill, may I ask for a TLDR version of the legal issues related to sharing future cashflows? Have you considered bonds instead (loans)?


Hey @pepo - we are not looking into income sharing agreements specifically, but rather sharing of all kinds of future values, e.g. time, attention, non-material goods etc.

But some of the same legal issues do apply. The main question is how one can enforce that the person who promises a future value, actually does provide it when it is demanded. We believe that it is practically impossible / prohibitively expensive to enforce this legally top-down. Instead, we take a mechanism design approach towards this question and try to build a system where actors are incentivized to deliver on their promises. If you launch a token but cannot credibly commit to honouring it in the future or show tendencies of not delivering the value you promised in exchange for it, your token will not be valued by the market and you will not be able to raise a lot of capital with it.