ETHSanFrancisco / October 5 - 7 2018


I strongly feel like we should try to participate in the hackathon of so I just submitted a Hacker application. Let’s see :slight_smile:


Awesome news! I got accepted to participate to ETHSanFrancisco :slight_smile:
Needless to say that we need to crush that hackathon, it’s a unique opportunity to kick-off a community around Continuous Organizations!

For reference, here was the content of my application:

How long (in years) have you been programming/designing/building? (Briefly describe projects & experience)

10 years. In 2008, I co-founded Allmyapps, the 1st App Store for PC, a company that I sold in 2014.

Right after, I volunteered to help my mathematician wife with a research project she had, it gave birth to AlgoRun and a research paper published in a reputable scientific journal.

Then, in 2015, I coded, a 100% open and transparent non-profit platform to crowdsource the best candidate for the french 2017 presidential election. For the occasion, we developed a ethereum-based voting module. We also teamed up with researchers in voting systems and wrote (but did not yet publish) a research paper on the "scalable and random-based election" methodology we used.

All links available here:

What is your current experience level with Ethereum? (Briefly describe)

I think I have a very good understanding of Ethereum programming concepts even though I have yet to code a project on Ethereum (I just played with Python and Truffle so far).

I am a software engineer by trade and since I’ve been following the evolution of Ethereum since 2014, I think I have a very good understanding of Ethereum, its architecture and the related coding concepts but I never actually coded any Ethereum related code so far.

For the moment I only contributed some proposals to projects I follow whenever I have ideas that seem worth sharing. Last proposal I made was for WalletConnect: (a cool idea for the hackathon btw…).

Is there anything else you would like to show us? This can be your website, portfolio, or something cool you’ve built!

Since June, I am focusing my energy on exploring Continuous Organizations, an idea came up with after deep diving into TCRs, token bonding curves and digesting it through my own entrepreneurial experience.

Continuous Organizations are internet native organizations designed to address the needs of entrepreneurs while aligning stakeholders interests significantly better than traditional organizations. They leverage bonding curves to trustlessly mint and burn fully digital and liquid security tokens while relying on a layered TCR to organize governance. No later than this week, I opened up a public forum to start gathering a community around this concept:

I am also trying to help the community as much as I can. This year, we’ve organized and hosted several Ethereum related community events, notably:

Tell us about the project from the last 2 years that you’re most proud of. What roadblocks did you face, and how did you overcome them? Be sure to include relevant links. It’s okay if it’s something you’re currently working on.

Clearly We started from 0 and were able to gather 150,000 citizens who propelled a legitimate candidate under the spotlights, we only lacked time to gather the necessary town mayor signatures to put the candidate on the ballot.

The difficulty was to create trust as politics is such a sensitive topic. We succeeded by being very transparent using a non-profit organization funded by citizen donations only and by removing all possibility of conflict of interests through enforcing a 100% neutral policy while being forbidden to be candidates ourselves.

Today, I am very excited about the concept of Continuous Organizations because I think the time has come to improve the economical incentives of traditional organizations that are clearly not adapted to the age of ubiquitous computing and networks. If we can come up with an organizational model that aligns stakeholders’ interest an order of magnitude better than today’s organizations, we might finally create the economical incentives necessary to tackle the pressing challenges that we’ve miserably failed to solve so far (climate change, rising wealth inequalities etc…).


Amazing!!! :sunglasses: This is just the beginning :wink:


Aaaaand the fabulous team who is going to rock the hackathon is composed of:

The top 10 overall projects will demo what they have built in front of all of ETHSanFrancisco during our closing ceremonies.

I cannot envision a world where we would not be in the top 10, let’s prepare for some serious #BUIDLing :slight_smile:


Hi guys!

ETHSanFrancisco was great! We had lots of fun even though we clearly did not sleep much… I am still recovering :slight_smile:

We unfortunately did not make it to the top 10 but we were able to have a working Continuous Organization smart-contract working in-extremis! We obviously lack some time to work on the UX even though @pierre-louis did a great run at the very end of the hackathon to make it much nicer than it was a few minutes before submission :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again @pierre-louis @aluzzardi and @tiborvass for your help and for pushing hard during these 36 hours! Clearly, the gods of Solidity decided to test us :slight_smile:

Here is our submission: